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Best healthy snacks for work

Best healthy snacks for work

best healthy snacks for work

9-5ers and snack friends rejoice! We all know how important food is to fuel our bodies and power our minds for the WFH or office daily grind. But not all snacks are treated equal. We like to work smarter, not harder. The same goes for snacking. Choose the right types of snacks and let your body do the hard work for you (because we all know that motivation to work can only go so far…)


snack smarter with daily bar

How to snack smarter

The best snacks to reach for are the (far superior) ones rich in fibre, protein and healthy fats. These snacks truly work in your favour. They will: Fill you up and keep you fuller for longer, help you focus, provide long lasting energy, kill sugar cravings, help you avoid Susan from accounts in the tea room. Unlike their sugary, processed snack counterparts, these smarter snacks will not: cause a 3pm sugar crash, spike your insulin levels, have you reaching for a Snickers later in the day, do your dreaded admin (but they’ll power your brain to get that sh*t done faster). 

Work snacks that work for you — here's what to look for

banana protein smoothie

High protein


Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, reduces hunger and saves those late night snack sessions. 


Boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt w/ chia seeds, banana protein smoothie 


avocado on toast

Fibre rich 


Foods rich in fibre feed and flourish our gut. They help control blood sugar levels (preventing that 3pm work day slump) and keep hunger in check. 


Apples, celery with PB, trusty avo on wholegrain toast 


daily bar super bite



Wholefoods are real food that are as close to their natural state in all their natural, beautiful glory. They’re minimally processed,  low in sugar and packed full of nutrients. Real foods are the real O.G — better for you, and better for the planet. 


Think real food, in its realest form— snacking plate w fresh fruit and veg—all of them! Roasted chickpeas, air popped popcorn, nuts and seeds (*hint hint* our Super Bites are chock full of these).

Healthy fats


The good-for-you fats help you feel fuller for longer and prevent excessive, unnecessary trips to the pantry. Healthy fats do the heaving lifting for reducing the glycemic impact of a snack — goodbye blood sugar spike and hello sustained energy! 


Dry roasted almonds, guacamole with seedy crackers, dark choc, olives + feta *chef’s kiss*


Happy snacking our good snack friends x