Do you sit on fences? Can't make up your mind — or just simply think we can do no wrong and want to eat them all? Shop our Whole Super Bite team for a selection of our 4 best-selling flavours!

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Super Bites are bite-sized pieces of gooey superfood fudge, spiked with nourishing and brain-loving nuts and seeds, and coated in a thin layer of rich vegan dark chocolate.
Energising, brain fuelling, hunger fighting, afternoon slump defying bites of goodness for a fun + functional + fudge’n delicious afternoon work snack. Wrapped up in home compostable packaging, because the coolest people on earth eat sustainable plastic free snacks*
*Scientific fact!
Gluten + dairy + refined sugar free, the Super Bites team will work overtime to deliver skin-loving, immune-boosting, energy-building benefits because that's what super snack heroes do (and it also doesn't hurt that they taste like love feels).

Hero Benefits

The heroes in our Whole Super Bite are:

  • + Superfood Powders
  • + 7 Super Seeds
  • + Nuts
  • + Antioxidants
  • + Fibres
  • + Omega 3’s
  • + Vitamins
  • + Minerals


They’re energising, brain-fuelling, hunger-fighting and afternoon slump-defying bites of goodness. And, the best part? They’re fudge’n delicious.


Wrapped up in plastic-free, compostable packaging, the planet and your arvo snack cravings will love you.


Our Whole Super Bite team consists of — Berry Antioxidant, Choc Coconut, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel


4 Bites - 1 each flavour

8 Bites = 2 each flavour

12 Bites = 3 each flavour

24 Bites = 6 each flavour


Berry Antioxidant: Dark Chocolate* (70% Raw Cacao (Nibs, Butter) Coconut Sugar, Pink Salt), Seeds* (Activated Buckwheat, Pepita, Sunflower, Flax, Sesame, Hemp, Chia), Nuts* (Cashew, Almond), Raw Bush Honey, Cacao Butter*, Berries* (Cherry, Cranberry (apple juice), Raspberry, Goji), Tahini*, Coconut*, Beetroot*, Pink Lake Salt.

*Certified Organic


Nutrition Info