Wanna know the real reason we do what we do?

Spoiler alert: it’s you.

It’s no secret that we love food. But sharing it with the special people in our lives? That’s where the magic happens.


Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies. It has the power to bring people together, help build relationships, and create life-long memories. Sharing food is a universal human experience that helps us build deeper connections with each other, and really – isn’t that what life’s all about?


Fun fact: a study on wild chimpanzees showed that oxytocin levels (the feel-good, love hormone) were highest following food-sharing events. Cute, huh?


So, whether it’s weekday dinners with family (inherited or chosen), lunch breaks with work besties or date nights with your special people – food is truly the heart of everything we do.


And we do it every day. So it should feel really good, right?


Our Founder, Al Thursfield built Daily Food for this very reason. She’s passionate about people having a positive relationship with food and using it as a tool to make the most of every single day.


We want you to feel good about food, enjoy it, have fun with it, and share the joy with the people you love the most.


A note from our Founder, Al Thursfield

Since starting this journey in 2018, Daily Bar has evolved into something much bigger than just bars and bites. In part, this is because I believe so strongly that food has the power to bring so much good to our lives. Not just physically, but mentally too.


But this is also about you. We’ve seen how much you’ve loved and resonated with our food philosophy over the last few years, so we want to build on the ways we can support happier and healthier lives.
It has always been my vision to build a brand that helps people fall in love with food and feeling good. It doesn’t need to be overcomplicated – functional food is actually really easy (and fun too) when you do it right. It’s all about small, daily habits that build up to something big.
Love, Al

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