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An Easter note from Al

An Easter note from Al

Hello! It’s Al, your chocolate overlord (joking) here, checking in ahead of the Big Chocolatey Dance this weekend. The Daily Food bunnies have been busting their fluffy butts this week getting your orders out, but I wanted to drop in with a message about this weekend, and the pressure/stress/fear that can come with it.

Food-related anxiety can get pretty loud around Easter time. If you have a tricky relationship with food (like so many of us do), turning down the shiny, foil-wrapped, noise that Easter can bring can be hard.

So, in case you don’t hear it from anyone else, I want to remind you that it’s okay to indulge in delicious things this weekend. In fact, it’s encouraged. You know that we love whole foods, but we also love soul foods, and getting a good mix of the two is so important, to our overall health and happiness.

Eat however much chocolate you want, whenever you want (Easter eggs at breakfast, big YES!). Toast your hot cross buns, add lashings of butter. Share them with the people you love — that’s literally what the good, juicy parts of life are all about.

With a big middle finger salute to “5 Ways To Have A Guilt-Free Easter” or “Want To Burn Off Those Eggs? Do These Four Exercises!” BS out there, I’d like to remind you that it’s one weekend of the year and in the bigger scheme of things, it’s not going to make a difference.

Next week with full bellies and a happy heart, you can return to normal programming and it will all just be ok.

Love, Al x