One for the diehard choccie monsters. Get your fix with our Choc Coconut Super Bite.

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Our Berry Antioxidant Super Bite is made up of organic, fudgy superfoods dipped in vegan dark chocolate, designed to fight that afternoon slump.


Real ingredients, with super nutrient profiles, all purposefully selected to deliver you all day, every day, super powers health benefits.


+ Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar Free


Berry be giving you all the anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and skin-loving benefits

Hero Benefits

The heroes in our Berry Antioxidant Super Bite are:

  • + Acai & Beetroot Powders
  • + 7 Super Seeds
  • + Almonds
  • + Berries
  • + Antioxidants
  • + Omega 3’s
  • + Vitamin C & E
  • + Minerals


They’re energising, brain-fuelling, hunger-fighting and afternoon slump-defying bites of goodness. And, the best part? They’re fudge’n delicious.


Wrapped up in plastic-free, compostable packaging, the planet and your arvo snack cravings will love you.


Dark Chocolate* (70% Raw Cacao (Nibs, Butter) Coconut Sugar, Pink Salt), Seeds* (Activated Buckwheat, Pepita, Sunflower, Flax, Sesame, Hemp, Chia), Nuts* (Cashew, Almond), Raw Bush Honey, Cacao Butter*, Berries* (Cherry, Cranberry (apple juice), Raspberry, Goji), Tahini*, Coconut*, Beetroot*, Pink Lake Salt.

*Certified Organic


Nutrition Info

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