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Tips for surviving life right now

Tips for surviving life right now

Since our 2022 mood already has some serious headless-chook about it, we thought you lovely folk might be feeling the what-the-f-is-going-on feels too. Our super team DB have put together some superhuman habits for surviving life right now. We're taking it back to basics (think choccy + Seinfeld)



Proper, quality sleep is the cornerstone of optimal health. Those wee hours of the night are the critical time to let our bodies + minds rest and restore, for memories to take root, and hormones to balance. Your mind and body truly transform when you catch those Z’s. Our top tips to improve sleep— soak up sunshine throughout the day. Ground yourself. Meditate. Coffee before midday. Take a book, or your lover (not your phone) to bed. 


Read books

One of our favourite superhuman habits. Reading nourishes the mind, helps us get in touch with our emotion, imagination + creativity, broadens perspective, encourages empathy, helps you sleep, helps you focus your attention.  For a beautifully imaginative story—Boy Swallows Universe (Trent Dalton), for an incredible, raw tear jerker—A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara), for those supercharged humans wanting to up their superhuman powers—Atomic Habits (James Clear).


Less bloody scrolling

We all know how KILLER this can be for our productivity, attention, self esteem etc etc etc. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder to scroll less and live more. This is your reminder. You’re welcome. 


Eat choccy 

The age old guilty pleasure that is in actual fact far from guilty. We believe in this brain + mood boosting, antioxidant powerhouse so much we went and dipped our entire range of Daily Bars in it (tragic? Maybe. Genius? Absolutely). A 3pm-er hit of choccy dipped Super Bites lifts morale beyond . Tragic choca-holics here and not ashamed. Not one bit. 


Get outside

Nature has super healing powers. It’s been shown to be an antidote for stress. We like to take a moment to ground ourselves, feel the earth beneath our feet and appreciate everything that’s around us, in all its natural glory.. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the high energy (and anxiety provoking) rollercoaster of day-to-day life, so much so that we all too often forget to b r e a t h e. Inhale that sweet fresh air and sunshine, exhale the 2697 items on the to-do list… 


Eat real food

Yes mum we hear you we hear you.. If you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk. Contrary to our young and oh-so naive beliefs, real food really is thy medicine. Opt for wholefoods and organic where possible. Seeking that glowy-er skin, healthy haired, gut loving, immunity powered, stronger boned version of yourself? Then proper nutrition is your best friend.  A thriving body and mind starts from within. Get real, wholefood (and real fun) snacks delivered right to your door (shameless plug) — shop online here.


Get moving

Movement = endorphins. Endorphins are the real GOAT. You don’t need to flog yourself on a treadmill to feel those sweet happiness hormones pump through your body (but hey, if that’s your jam then run, forest run!). Try any kind of movement to get you feeling in flow (a little stretch and mobility will even do the trick). On solid rotation for us are beach walks with the dog, reformer pilates, runs on Nike Run Club.


Put on a fun outfit

Look good, feel good. Sounds vain, we know. But hear us out. We’re all too guilty of those WFH days where breakfast rolls into a work day that rolls into dinner and we’re still in our pyjamas. But when the day starts off with a small win—like a cute outfit—the wins keep compounding from there. When the ‘fit is put together, the brain follows suit. It just works! 

Have a boogie

When the body feels good, the mind does too. And ain’t no better feeling than shimmy-ing across the kitchen to Diana Ross’ ‘I’m coming out’. But truly—dancing is an incredible, creative outlet to express our true selves, connect with our bodies and de-stress our minds. We’ve been boogy-ing with Vanessa from Groove Therapy and not only is she the coolest person we know but she runs dance classes for all levels. Get. On. This. 

Pat a dog (hear us out on this one)

Interactions with dogs have been scientifically proven to produce oxytocin—the ‘cuddle chemical’. More oxytocin means increased relaxation, trust and empathy, while reducing stress and anxiety. So grab your doggo and smother it with lovin—or if you don’t have one of your own—be that person who stops one on the street for a quick wet nose nuzzle. Dogs = happiness. Period. P.s. hello hi from our marketing gal’s sweet boy Sunny. If this doesn’t scream pure joy then I don’t know what does?


Have a lol 

A good old fashioned belly laugh—the most natural and simple remedy for getting out of a funk. Laughing releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals sure to inject a bit of zest back into our life. Laugh with your friends, laugh at the TV, laugh at the crazy effed up state of affairs right now. Lately we’ve been turning to Seinfeld.  But whatever floats your boat. 


On the topic of Seinfeld… Jerry is our current life source; hilarious + genius. His words.. “To me, if life boils down to one thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving.”

A gentle reminder that these times will pass. We will look back and be grateful for this blip in life that tested our true strength. In the meantime— supercharge your habits and try your darndest to get through this shitty old time. Just. Keep. Moving.