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The Summer of Simple with The Byron Bay Murfers

The Summer of Simple with The Byron Bay Murfers

Having met our Byron Bay murfer (mum surfer) friends in the ocean last Summer, we couldn't think of anyone more perfect than these connoisseurs of cool, to be the face of our Summer of Simple.

We spent the morning with these inspiring women + their families and heard all about how surfing has become their ritual; a simple living practice that allows them to switch off, be supported by a beautiful community of friends and ultimately has created the freedom to enjoy the simple things together.

The Summer of Simple. It’s about slowing down, spending more time together. It’s about getting outdoors, connecting with nature, being aware of the earth and the little things we can all do to help. And most importantly, reminding ourselves, that life is here to be lived.

Thanks to our amazing mums: Aimee (@little.winnie), Amanda (@churchfarmgeneralstore), Courtney (@courtneyadamo), Hana (@taninaka.san), Imogen (@imogen_imagination) and Priscilla (@cyllavanilla)

Film: Dom Sullivan 

Photos: Anna Hutchcroft

You can find The Byron Bay Murfers and all their family beach fun here