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What's in a bar?

It ain't rocket science, in fact it isn't any form of science. Our bars were created in a kitchen (Al's kitchen) by a serious foodie Al, our founder and recipe queen.

It's a simple formula - just a whole heap of seriously nutrient dense + seriously tasty wholefood ingredients, combined together with the single functional purpose of giving you a nutritionally varied daily dose of health. 

The world's best/healthiest snack bars* are:
- Organic
- Gluten + Dairy + Grain + Date Free
- Healthy Fats
- Protein Rich
- Low Natural Sugars
- Nutrient Dense
- 70%+ Nuts & Seeds 
- Home Compostable Packaging 

*As voted by us - serious snack connoisseurs!


Simply, most snack bars on the market fall into one of two categories: Full of artificial/unrecognisable/ heavily processed ingredients or ‘All Natural’ but loaded with dates making them ‘healthy’ sugar bombs.


We’re as natural as it gets and low in natural sugars!

Some of our Hero Ingredients:


Cacao Butter - Omega's, Omega's, Omega's - your brain will love these Omega 3 and 6 rich healthy fats


Nuts & Seeds - the combination of at leat 6 different nuts & seeds varieties in each bar packs a real nutrient punch. Big things coming in small packages couldn't be more relevant to these guys, overflowing, with a stack of your daily essential vitamins and mineral needs


Local Raw Honey - Overflowing with enzymes, alive and and antibacterial - this is the super healthy, super superior distant cousin on supermarket honey


Raw Cacao - Antioxidant & Mangesium rich and full of mood boosting properties. Our favourite ingredient to grace the earth, give us choc EVERYTHING  

Holy Truff!

You know those perfect presents and value-adds you've been searching for? Good news – you just found them.

Discover heavenly decadence with Holy Truff, our brand new chocolate truffles here to elevate your gifting game.

Our truffles are gluten-free, plant-based and made locally with premium organic ingredients in Byron Bay. Available in three irresistible flavours and festive Bon Bons to match, they really are a truff'n good gift.

Stock up and save.

Whether you're looking to wholesale, need gifts to give to your clients or just want to stock up on a pressie that is perfect for everyone – we've got packages to suit.

Let's truff'n go.

For pricing and package options, leave your name, email and some more info about your business and your gifting needs, and our chocolate elves will be in touch. (Or, drop us a line at and we can make magic happen there, too).

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