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At The Daily Bar we believe a healthy world starts with you. But we’ve realised it’s just a simple input vs output equation. Feel good, do good.

And we’ve got a not so hidden agenda. See we want to help you become the damn happiest and healthiest versions of you, so you’ve got the energy to change the game and be damn powerful forces for good.

Why? Because we think it’s cool to care. 

The Daily Bar creates organic, and nutritionally superior snack bars and slices, handmade in Byron Bay.
We take our snacking very seriously, and the carefully
crafted, nutrient dense (and delicious!) creations reflect this. We are proud to use ingredients that are pure, wholesome and honest to their roots, and as a brand we aspire to be pioneers of sustainability, within the food industry. 

Put simply, we're just all about being honestly healthy. 

Our founder and passionate foodie, Al Thursfield is on a mission to empower, educate and excite others about just how easy and delicious it is to look after yourself through the foods we eat.

Creating finger licking good whole food recipes, producing damn nourishing snacks and loading The Pantry with all her favourite everyday go-to healthy staples and products. 

You can find Al's delicious recipes here and a few of her words here in the pages of 'Wild Kinship: Conversations with Conscious Entrepreneurs' 

Holy Truff!

You know those perfect presents and value-adds you've been searching for? Good news – you just found them.

Discover heavenly decadence with Holy Truff, our brand new chocolate truffles here to elevate your gifting game.

Our truffles are gluten-free, plant-based and made locally with premium organic ingredients in Byron Bay. Available in three irresistible flavours and festive Bon Bons to match, they really are a truff'n good gift.

Stock up and save.

Whether you're looking to wholesale, need gifts to give to your clients or just want to stock up on a pressie that is perfect for everyone – we've got packages to suit.

Let's truff'n go.

For pricing and package options, leave your name, email and some more info about your business and your gifting needs, and our chocolate elves will be in touch. (Or, drop us a line at and we can make magic happen there, too).

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