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You Do You Volume 1: Sam Riles

You Do You Volume 1: Sam Riles

What do you wish everyone could know about you, on meeting you?

That we are all flawed as individuals and often not quite the story we paint of ourselves online. I often have a deep desire to connect and share a genuine relationship with people who are open minded and willing to be both vulnerable and optimistic. I feel nowadays living with social media it adds an extra dimension to the ways we perceive each other and our lifestyles. From a surface level it feels easy to compare how we choose to dress ourselves, what we fill our homes with, what style of parenting we align ourselves with & who we “connect with” online. But for me, what’s most important is to invest in the relationships you share with people in real life and real time. I crave female companionship and shared life experiences. I wish there was a way for us all to be more open, supportive and loving without the fear of rejection or being misunderstood & some part of me feels we are working towards that collectively.