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Our guide to Keto

Our guide to Keto

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard the keto word being thrown around of late.

But what actually is the keto diet?

After getting a lot of requests for keto options, we decided to dive into this whole thing and thought we’d share our take on it all

 Our guide to Keto

Well before we jump into the diet, let’s take it back a step.
Essentially our bodies have two options for fuel, either sugar or fat, with everything we eat being broken down into either of these.
We are becoming increasingly aware of how sugar affects us.
Long term it causes chronic inflammation in the body that leads to many common diseases.
But (maybe more importantly for us) in the short term as a fuel source, it burns quickly and is quite short lived ~ basically a nightmare for sustaining us through modern day busy life.
Second to that sugar doesn’t actually fill you up, so you have to keep coming back for more (again, a nightmare!)
Now our friend the fats on the other hand, burns slower, lasts longer and fills you up, metabolically it’s like firewood where sugar is like kindling.
For so long fat was mistakenly seen as the devil, many of us growing up with the familiar paradigm “Eat fat, get fat”. However science has now shown that healthful fats are essential for optimal health and weight management.

Which brings us to the diet..

The whole notion of the ketogenic diet, is to remain in a state of ketosis where by fat is the primary fuel source, generally it is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet.


Benefits of the diet/being in ketosis:

~ A fat-burning state is more stable than swinging between high and low blood sugar levels and in doing so effectively curbs most cravings

~ Our brains are 60% fat ~ burning fat as fuel, provides the brain with efficient energy

~ Ketones produced through ketosis have been shown to preserve brain energy levels and as well as acting as strong anti-inflammatories for those with auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

What we love about the keto diet

~ Promotes fats as a friend not as a foe
~ From both an evolutionary and a biological perspective, the most sustainable form of energy for your brain and body is healthy fats, not sugar
~ Encourages people to eat less processed food
~ Gets people engaged about what is ACTUALLY in their food (read your labels folks)

    Our issues with the keto diet

    ~ Just because something is “low-carb” and “high-fat” or “keto” doesn’t mean it is healthy or you should be eating it!
    ~ The conventional keto diet often focuses heavily on dairy, meat, artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols all in the name of being low-carb and high-fat

      We think ketosis is great, and in our personal experience we have experienced some incredible mental clarity from being in this state (like serious brain power!) Having said that we’re all about a healthy lifestyle that can be a lifelong thing, and personally for us we find the diet a little too restrictive and not sustainable for our every day life.

      But we do absolutely love nibbling on our Fudgy PB Cacao bar, and have found it to be a serious hunger fighting, nutrient dense hit that fuels our mind and body through the busiest of days, it’s been a game changer especially when we’re on the run.

      It’s no secrets that we love healthy fats, and the density of fats from this one really does keep us powering.

      Whether you enjoy a keto snack as part of a ketogenic diet or simply as a snack to be reckoned with, that’s completely up to you. We’re so excited to hear how it slips into your day.

      We want to make it really clear that we are real food producers, and serious health nuts, but we are by no means health professionals nor do we pretend to be.

      Our mission is to educate and create conversations around real food, as we truly believe knowledge is power, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a healthier more empowered you!


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