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Our top 5 tips for kicking a Chocolate addiction..

Our top 5 tips for kicking a Chocolate addiction..

We’ve got a couple of self confessed choc lovers in the house ~ which don’t get us wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with! In fact we like to think it’s a pretty pivotal piece of our health puzzle ~ and it makes us just so damn happy!

However sometimes (cue Easter) the choc thing can get a little out of hand and we lose all sense of the old ‘everything in moderation’ and we crave it more than usual.

So how do we nip our choc cravings in the bud before they run rampant and turn into a health hazard?

We find sticking to these 5 principles helps us ...

  1. Keep the sugars low: Often a chocolate craving is actually a sugar craving in disguise, so be mindful of the amount of sugar (even natural ones) you’re consuming. Sugar is sneaky, because it doesn’t a) fill you up + b) stimulate the “i’m full hormones” ~ so it’s often why we find it hard to exercise moderation with sweet foods.
  2.  Eat Nutrient Dense Foods: These are our absolute go-to, they’re wholefoods that contain high amounts of micronutrients (think essential vitamins/minerals etc), macronutrients (think complex carbs, amino acids, health fats) as well as fibre, antioxidants, phytonutrients etc. Basically by eating these foods you are increasing the amount of nutrition you are feeding your body every mouthful, and guess what your body feels satisfied by it.
  3.  Increase Fibre: Fibre helps you stay fuller longer, so you feel satisfied.
  4.  Up the protein and healthy fat intake: Protein helps balance out blood sugar which really helps reduce sugar cravings, both fat and protein are very satiating too, so again you feel satisfied.
  5. Mindful eating: It’s ok to eat chocolate or anything for that matter! But eat out of pleasure (no guilty gorging) ~ your body will love you for it. Take your time, enjoy and savour the delicious flavours.
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