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Making Impact

As young kids so many of us have these grand visions of saving the world; it’s so straight forward – find the things that are wrong, and fix them.

If we strip back some of the problems facing our world currently with a childlike mind, the answers seem pretty straight forward:

~ The rate of global consumption is bleeding our planet dry: consume less
~ Plastic is suffocating our planet, and filling it from the inside out: find biodegradable alternatives/stop producing plastic
~ The food we're eating is making us sick (and sad): eat better food ~ feel healthier (and happier)

Along the course of growing up though, the reality of life starts to unforgivingly build roadblocks in the path of our young altruistic dreams. The solutions are blocked by endless red tape, money (or lack there of), archaic mindsets, big business bullies and the list goes on.

It becomes clear that the enormity of the problem lies beyond just the extent of the problem alone, but also in the complexity of the barriers blocking the solution, and inevitably our youthful enthusiasm fades as we become disillusioned and disengaged.

Introducing to you ladies and gentlemen, the startup revolution, by no means the solution to all the world’s problems, but a bloody good place to start. A place where purpose driven business and dynamic innovation can be used to help solve some of the biggest social and environmental issues facing our world. A place that gives us, the consumer, the power to shape the world with our dollars, to create impact.  

We recently had the real honor of being selected by Impact Co to join their 12 week incubator program, to accelerate purpose driven start ups in the health, wellbeing and disability sectors.

It came at a really crucial time for us, I guess to some extent we’re still young kids, a team of head-strong 25 year olds, who dove head first into our mission to shake up the food system. We’re fuelled by endless amounts of purpose and passion, though it becomes evident at times that we lack certain elements of business know-how, and it turns out business is hard!

We can’t thank Impact Co enough for believing in us, and our vision, and for this truly life changing experience.

To try and explain it all would be a bumbling gushy affair, so we'll let the video below do the talking instead (...mum we're famous!)

To have spent this time in the company of purpose driven change makers, industry leaders, people who have really walked the walk, has cemented in these youthful eyes that it is, in fact, possible to change the world like we first thought. 

That it is possible to disrupt archaic industry norms, to bring commercial viability to impact driven brands, and to leave our mark on this world. 

So where to from here?

Under the mentorship of Who Gives A Crap founder, Simon Griffith, and backed by the solid foundations co-built by us and the team at Impact Co, we’ve never been more ready to change this snack forsaken world, and we can’t wait to change it with you!

Al & Harry x 

To our fellow change makers Pete, CormachRyan and Hayden thank you for sharing this journey with us. Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability and immense source of inspiration, we feel humbled to have been in the midst of such motivating company.