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Can chocolate be good for the gut?

Can chocolate be good for the gut?

Did you know that chocolate can be good for your gut? How’s that for some fantastic news?

If you didn’t know, we all have little microbes chilling inside our gut that help keep us healthy (our good gut bugs). It’s important that we feed them the right things because they help support our immune systems, balance our hormones and boost our moods (and will throw a bit of a health tantrum if we don’t).

One of the things they love to munch on is chocolate. This is thanks to powerful plant compounds found in cacao called Polyphenols + it being packed full of fibre. 

In fact, a portion (approx. 3 squares) of dark chocolate has about double the fibre of a slice of wholegrain bread. Crazy, we know! 

Studies show that good-quality dark chocolate can contain the same gut-health benefits as other so-called antioxidant superfoods, like açai and blueberries.

But it's important to remember that all chocolate is definitely not created equal! Opt for dark chocolate, with a minimum 70% cacao content, as that's where the health magic happens. It's lower in sugar and packed with more of the chocolate benefits.

That’s why we’ve dipped all of our Super Bites in locally-made, vegan dark chocolate to keep you and your gut overlords happy. Meet the crew here.