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We're grown ups now

We're grown ups now

A letter from our founder, Al..


While on the outside we might like you to believe we’re a pretty poised bunch here at The Daily Bar, the reality this year so far has been something very different; in fact as a business and as a brand we’ve been shaking things up pretty drastically behind the scenes.

It all began with a straw that broke the camel’s back comment in January, which lead to a raid of Byron for every snack bar, in every shop that we could find.

And after picking apart (and mostly spitting out) what was going on in a very saturated, and dare we say, pretty dismal market, we then began to pick apart every aspect of our brand, our values and our product, which at times very much felt like a dissection of my heart.

 But that process has been one of the most definitive for the brand to date, and several reams of butchers paper taped to the wall later ~ it began to become so clear that the purpose driven direction we have always wanted to head in, needed pretty drastic change in order to execute it.

After so much hard work, countless middle of the night changes of mind, and more than a few tears of overwhelm, it’s genuinely with nothing but sheer excitement and maybe a few crossed fingers, that we can now proudly reveal to you our new Shop Range.

 Our Shop Range will start to roll out nationwide from today as a refrigerated product, our move into the refrigerated space allows us to be able to meet the shelf life constraints of the retailer, while being able to keep delivering the highest quality product possible to you, never compromising nutritional integrity or your health for commercial viability.

 Our new look packaging is less waft, more wisdom. It can be an absolute minefield navigating food products, so we want to be as transparent and informative as we can be, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase our nutritionally superior products. 

Honestly it just feels like we’ve grown up. We figured out exactly who we are, and what we want to do, and now with a deeper rooted confidence we stand before you with a refreshed look and an inspired vision to make a real impact on this snack forsaken world. 

Thank you for following along and supporting us as we’ve at times quite awkwardly bumbled through our first years. Without you guys, we’re just a couple of kids with a big dream to shake up the food system; the way our bars are slipping so perfectly into your days though, is turning that dream into a reality, daily. 

With love and excitement,

Al x