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6 tips for a happy & healthy winter (the prep starts now!)

6 tips for a happy & healthy winter (the prep starts now!)

PSA: A healthy, happy winter starts now. Yep, now! 

Daylight savings is done and summer is officially behind us. The change of seasons can bring bouts of sickness and changes in mood, but there are a plenty of things you can do to help yourself feel as good as you can – you just need to start them now!

Keep those sunny moods up in the colder months by:  

  1. Eating 30 different plants every week. Gut health is everything, and eating a diverse mix of fruit, veg, herbs, seeds and nuts is the best way to do it. 

  2. Sunlight in the morning. Now those clocks have gone back, aim to get exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning. Not only is this a hit of vitamin D, but it regulates our circadian rhythm and has been shown to increase alertness, boost mood, lower stress, and improve sleep quality. 

  3. Eat more immune-boosting foods. Think citrus and berries for vitamin C, high quality red meats or legumes for iron and oysters for zinc (just to keep it fun, ya know?). 

  4. Put your life admin on auto-pilot. There are plenty of things we know make us feel good, but we feel too lazy to do. So, keep decision fatigue at bay and automate the admin. 
    A foodie example? Subscribe to your snacks! Learn about our Super Bite subscriptions here and get a discount on your orders.

  5. Prioritise sleep. Restorative sleep is always important for our physical and mental health, so implement a relaxing routine to help unwind at night. If you can – keep screen time to a minimum, drink herbal tea, read a book, do your skin care routine. 

  6. Move your body! Tip: buddy up for the colder months. It’s much easier to get up for that pilates class or morning walk if you know you have a friend doing it too. Plus, starting the day with a good friend, good chat and good coffee is unparalleled. Send this to your workout pal and lock in your routines.