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Five Reasons You're Hungry All The Time

Five Reasons You're Hungry All The Time

5 reasons you're hungry all the time



Ever have that bottomless-pit feeling in your stomach when it comes to food? When you feel like no matter how much you eat, you just can’t tame that ol hunger beast? We get it, we’ve all been there. 

While hunger is a complex biological process, science tells us there are a few common reasons that could cause these higher-than-usual levels of hunger. Let’s dive into them, shall we?


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1. Are you eating enough fibre?


High-fibre foods slow down the digestion process, keeping you fuller for longer. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and are an essential part of your diet. 


Flex up your fibre intake through foods like vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds.


2. Are you stressed?


When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels rise which can impact your appetite and food choices. 


If you think this could be you, be kind to yourself. Check in with your body and your mind and look after yourself – whatever that looks like for you. 


3. Are you eating too many refined carbs? 


Remember how we said fibre is important? Refined carbohydrates have almost all fibre and nutrition stripped out of them, so your body absorbs and digests them rapidly. This can cause a massive spike in blood sugar levels which leads to, you guessed it, hunger! 


Try to limit your intake of foods like white bread, sugar, pasta, pastries, and white rice and opt for wholegrain alternatives where you can. 


4. Are you getting enough sleep? 


Did you know that sleep deprivation can trigger hunger hormones?  


Studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to eat more during the day than those who get a full 8 hours.


5. Are you listening to your body? 


Hunger is basically a decision made between your gut and brain designed to tell you it’s time for more food to maintain your energy levels. Listen to it! 


Ignoring feelings of hunger or suppressing your appetite can lead to overeating or making food choices that favour convenience over nutrition.  


So, stay snacked up, eat enough and include all the good things. 



*Remember, if anything feels out of the ordinary, check in with your GP or trusted health professional. Inspired by our very clever and wonderful nutritionist friends over at Zoe.

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