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4 Snack Myths

4 Snack Myths

4 snack myths

Everyone loves a good snack, but did you know they’re actually a really important part of your daily food (see what we did there?) routine? 

We’ve seen a few myths floating around that require a bit of fact checking, so, as Certified Snack Enthusiasts™, we’re here to set the record straight. 

Myth 1: Snacks ruin your appetite 

Remember when Mum used to say, "Don't ruin your dinner with snacks! Save your appetite! Don’t eat that, we’ve got dinner in 4 hours!"? Soz Mum, but we’ve got some news.

Enjoying smaller, well-balanced snacks between meals helps to stabilise our blood sugar levels throughout the day. This means that when meal time does roll around, we’re not ravenous and looking for the quickest, most convenient thing (which often isn’t the best for us). 

Consider your mid-arvo snacks officially back on the roster. 

Myth 2: You shouldn't snack before you exercise

Snacks give us energy, and we need energy to workout. We know – a mid-exercise stitch sucks, but as long as you’re not eating immediately before you start to sweat, a nutritious snack can really help us to fuel up. 

Opt for easily digestible, carb-rich snacks, like a banana or a fruit smoothie about an hour before you exercise. The carbohydrates will give you a slow release of energy and fuel your muscles, so you can be the cutest, hardest-working girlie that gym has ever seen. 

Myth 3: You shouldn't snack at night

Midnight snack? Yes please. Okay, maybe not 12am (anyone else in bed at 9pm around here…?), but there’s nothing wrong with an evening snack. 

Going to bed hungry can make it harder to fall asleep, as falling blood sugar levels release a hormone called glucagon, (similar to adrenalin) which leaves you feeling alert. 

Snack on something with carbs and protein to keep those sugar levels stable and avoid that red cordial-esque rush before it’s time to wind down. Alright, now who’s sounding like Mum? 

Myth 4: Healthy snacks taste bad 

Okay, repeat after us, loud enough for the people in the back: Not! True! 

A healthy snack doesn’t mean you have to munch on cardboard. Imagine fudgy Choc Coconut dipped in rich, organic dark chocolate. Or, Peanut Butter! What about Salted Caramel or Berry Antioxidant? 

Okay fine, we’re talking about our Super Bites. But that’s because they’re delicious AF, we swear. Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Shaz wrote about us last week: 

Love all the super bite snacks l bought. I can't pick a favourite. So handy for a little snack between meals and full of goodness. I just love them 💕 - Shaz B

Feel what Shaz feels here.