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Roasted Nut Butter

Roasted Nut Butter


2 cups of nuts

pinch of salt salt



Heat oven to 180° C

Place nuts on a tray and roast for about 6-10 minutes. Stir regularly and watch quite closely as they can go from perfect-burnt in literally seconds (trust me, I know!)

Some nuts like hazelnuts and peanuts can be peeled after roasting. Put them inside a tea towel and rubbing them on the bench or between your hands, to remove skin.

Once cooled place nuts in a food processor and process until you have smooth, glossy paste. Depending on your processor this can take up to 10 mins and might seem like its never going to happen! I've made this with my mum's pretty crappy processor, and it worked, so have faith (an patience)

The nuts will go through many different stages and you will start to see the oils coming out and mixture turning glossy. Keep stopping the machine and scarping down the sides until you have silky, nut buttery texture!

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