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Creamy Coconut Milk + Coconut Yogurt

Creamy Coconut Milk + Coconut Yogurt

Creamy Coconut Milk

2 cups shredded coconut

4 cups water (2 of which are boiling)

Pinch salt

Add coconut to bowl and pour over 2 cups boiling water and leave for a few minutes (this will soften the coconut so you get a whole lot of extra creaminess free of charge) 

Add remaining 2 cups water, salt, and any additional sweeteners (optional) and hemp seeds (optional extra protein)  to a blender.

Hold the lid on tight and blend for about 2 minutes.

Pour mixture through a nut milk bag. Transfer to a jar/bottle.

Refrigerate and enjoy creamy, totally additive free, exceptionally cheap and ridiculously delicious coconut milk for the next week.

Other milk ratios

1 cup Nuts  to 4-5cups water

1 cup Oats to 4 cups water

1 cup Hemp Seeds to 3-4 cups water


Coconut Yoghurt 

400mL can coconut cream (we suggest Ayam)

2 probiotic capsules

Sterilise a glass jar with boiling water and allow to air dry. 

Shake you coconut cream in can and then decant into glass jar.

Carefully separate probiotic capsules and pour powdered contents into cream and use a wooden or plastic spoon to thoroughly stir through the coconut (metal will react with the probiotics)

Cover top of jar with a cloth, to let it aerate, while keeping flying things out. 

Leave in a warm place for 24-48 hrs. Tasting the desired tangingeness. The longer you leave the yoghurt the more it will ferment and the tangier it will become.

Once yoghurt is to your desired tanginess, stir and refrigerate. It should last a good week in the fridge and is the most ultra creamy accompaniment to, well, anything.